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When combined, the Goju Ryu Technical Series and the Encyclopedia of Goju Ryu  represent the entire Goju Ryu karate curriculum from basic techniques, through the kata and their applications, kakie, locks, throws and takedowns. Power Training adds the entire body training and conditioning regime of Goju Ryu karate that is considered to be Chojun Miyagi’s masterpiece, the perfection of which is considered essential if the applications of the kata are to be applied with maximum effect during actual combat. Goju Ryu Karate Kata that shows Higaonna Sensei performing all 12 Goju Ryu kata almost 30 years ago is both a historical record, and visual proof that the kata does not, and must not change. A biography of Higaonna Sensei has been added to the latest DVD  version of this program.

The complete series of 17 DVDs took ten years to produce under the direction of Higaonna Sensei, and was approved by him at every stage of post production and editing. It is the complete record of, and reference to, the karate of Chojun Miyagi Sensei, and the unfaltering guide to the correct performance of the kata. It is also the way that Higaonna Sensei teaches it, and directs that it be practiced throughout the IOGKF. Any deviation from the method shown here must be viewed as incorrect and not “Goju Ryu.”



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Encyclopedia of Goju Ryu
by Morio Higaonna

This ten part professionally produced DVD series is of extreme value to Goju Ryu practitioners, being the only source of this information on the KATA and their BUNKAI (applications) at this level.

Filmed in a beautiful Japanese dojo, the demonstrations performed by Morio Higaonna Sensei - widely regarded as the greatest living Goju Ryu Master - and the level of skill he exhibits is simply breath-taking, and results from intense daily training for more than fifty years under the direction of the late An'ichi Miyagi, a senior student of the founder of Goju Ryu, Chojun Miyagi Sensei.

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~Volume 1~
Junbi Undo etc.
~Volume 2~
Hojo Uundo & More
~Volume 3~
Seiyunchin & Shisochin
~Volume 4~
Sanseru & Seipai
~Volume 5~
Kururunfa & Seisan
~Volume 6~
~Volume 7~
Sanchin, Tensho, Kakie
~Volume 8~
Applications of Gekki Sai
Saifa & Shisochin Kata
~Volume 9~
Applinations of Sanseru,
Seipai & Kururunfu
~Volume 10~
Applications of
Seisan & Suparinpei
~Power Training~
Training techniques of
Goju Ryu Karate
~Goju Ryu~
Karate Kata

Goju Ryu Technical Series
by Morio Higaonna

The Goju Ryu Technical Series, as its name implies, contains the core technical material of the Goju Ryu system as it was formulated by Chojun Miyagi Sensei. Professionally filmed in studio with multiple cameras, and using slow motion to capture even the fastest and most sophisticated movements, it covers each individual technique, and each kata, in tremendous detail. 

This is the benchmark for Goju Ryu kata performance. The only way that the kata should be performed, exactly as it was handed down from Chojun Miyagi to An’ichi Miyagi, and then to the author of this landmark series of DVDs, Morio Higaonna Sensei, Goju Ryu 10th Dan, Hanshi.

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~Part 1~
Saifa & Seipai
~Part 2~
~Part 3~
Striking, punching, kicking, blocking, nerve holds, tai-sabaki, reflex training
~Part 4~
Gekki Sai Dai Ichi, Gekki Sai Dai Ni, Seiyuchin, Shisochin, Kururunfa
~Part 5~
Tensho, Sesan, Suparinpei
~Volume 6~

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